Yvonne Cornelius is the secretive soul who hides behind the alias Niobe. Since her 2001 debut, Radioersatz, we have been shown what an extraordinarily unique and colourful palette Niobe holds in musical talent. You see, in the world of wonderful Niobe, music simply isn't just manufactured, but rather taken into careful hands and transformed into a work of art. Niobe takes her vivid palette and paints many pictures for us, letting us see an amazing amount of worlds from the imagination; a snowy village with a steeple church nestled in the Alps, a mysterious run through a haunted mansion, a shift through long forgotten records in a 1940s Buenos Aires radiostation, a dreamscape lost amidst a field of pink and yellow flowers. Songs, both red and blue, combine and seperate to compliment each other, each album a masterful perfection of otherworldly styles. Guitars strummed peacefully, voices filtered ten times over, synth arrangements, and explosions of orchestral pop all have a place in Niobe's music. The moods and styles are eclectic, jumping from melancholic ambient to jazzy 'feel-good' anthems, bringing with them both organic and electronic sounds. Whichever way you choose to let Niobe's music effect you, the experience will leave you feeling enlightened and have you in a breezy sense of calm.

Ghoast's Wharf Quai
Give All To Love"
Radio Mexico

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