Milena Sabrina Katalinic Hunstad (otherwise now known by her shortened form, Milenasong) has magic running through her veins. Her past is mysterious, but we know that she is of Norwegian/Slovenian/Croatian heritage, which in that knowledge instantly creates a spark of curiosity, these being lands of folklore and stories and dainty tales. It is no doubt that Milenasong's music carries the same spirit. With a Fostex 4-track as her starting to point to creating luscious sounds, Milena clearly has a general fixation on dimensional and organic instrumentation accompanied by honestly meaningful songwriting. Being an achingly intelligent girl, Milena's messages are cryptic and hauntingly beautiful. To me, this music is an absolute soundtrack to Berlin, inspired by the delicateness and beauty found in a city once ravaged by wars and conflict, a shining beacon of hope in a dark night. The music is billowing and extremely visual, layered with different instruments and double-track vocals, ambient in some places and folky in others, yet never unfocused. On both albums, Can't Tape Forever and Seven Sisters, the music seems to find find your heart and grasp it tightly, cameoflaging to your emotion. Listen to Milenasong when you're happy and the sun will burst from its grooves providing even further an unspoilt mood of no worry or fear. But listen when you are blue, and your heart and chest will feel heavy with aching, little lumps forming in the back of your throat. A harmonious blend of gently plucked strings, guitar, piano, and electronics, Milenasong knows quite well how to feed your emotions and leave you in a deep trance of thought. I highly recommended, and please check out Milena's website to see the beautiful drawings and poetry she is sharing with us!

Figs Tree
Lily Wyatt

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