Soy Un Caballo (meaning, 'I am a horse' in Spanish) is a beautiful Belgian couple, but unfortunately they are not fair to themselves. They are from the land of chocolate, but sound lighter than air, like softspun candyfloss. They claim to be horses, but this is a plain understatement; they are much more than a just a horse, but rather a rainbow-coloured, winged unicorn. This duo, neither Spanish or French (like the name of their album, Les Hueres De Raison would suggest), Aurélie Muller and Thomas Van Cottom have created something enlightening; bossanova for faeries, lullabies for nymphs.
Aurélie and Thomas have lived to together for nine years, during two years they have created Soy Un Caballo. Their debut album was created in their home, each song named after a room. Each song is its own, working by a seperate law, just like countries. This duos tunes are seemingly simple, but you'll be glad to know there isn't a single wasted note or melody. Everything is created with much precision and attention to details, leaving the finished product honeycoated and sweet, yet never sickly enough to turn your stomach. The harmonies are smooth and content, the collection of sounds (vibraphones, Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzers) is absolutely enchanting. Soy Un Caballo are as sophisticated as a Parisian boulevard, as diffident as exhaled Gauloise smoke, as cool as Jean-Pul Satre, and as romantic as the Left Bank. It's difficult to describe this music, and what a wonder it is to the ears...uplifting, calming, refreshing. You'll have to hear these happy sounds and voices for yourself!

La Bibliothèque

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From my mother's side of the family, there is a genetic passed on that gives me some naturalistic talent in feeling connected with the Earth and its many forms of nature. In fact, a few years ago when I listened to Mi & L'au with my auntie (who is a healer) for the first time, we both established that this music can only be the product of inspiration by nature. So it only came as half a surprise when after some research I found this beautiful duo writes and records all their music in a small cabin deep in the heart of the Finnish forests. The story goes that Mira Romantschuk, who is Finnish, was working as part-time model in Paris, and Laurent Leclère, who is French, was working in the music industry. Eventually the two met, and fell into deep love. Unsuccessfully not being able to find a home in Paris, they eventually moved to the heart of the Finnish forests, so they could be alone together in peace and to spend their time discovering each other and their music.
To describe the sound...well, there just is not enough pretty words! This is very visual music, painted in your mind. A thin creek running through the dark thicket of a forest at night, a cosy wooden cabin lit by golden lights, porcelain hands covered in wool mittens. With so many pictures conjured, it is difficult to believe the music is so sparse and elegant; Mi's soft voice accompany the instruments and guitar strings of L'au, creating the space that one might imagine in a winter Finnish landscape. The songs are like clocks, picking and ticking with the tenderness that is often underestimated today. Candles flicker, merry-go-rounds spin in dizzying motion, feathers brush against skin, and we are left hypnotised, in awe of the magic cast by Mi & L'au.

Merry Go Round
They Marry

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Pacific UV make this impression on me as foreign beings travelled from the cosmos, who finally came to rest on Earth, probably under the water of the sea. But as far as my imagination takes me, the facts say that in fact Pacific UV are a band formed in Athens, Georgia in 1998. Now residing in Portland, Oregon, the band have established their signature sound; loveable and drenched with the peaceful emotion that's seemingly difficult to come by in this busy world. The wonderful thing about this sort of shoegaze/dream pop inspired music is that the movement is so soft and flowing, like a paper boat drifting across a lake. There are no jumps or bumps, just billowing instrumentation and vocals sung at a low register, sounding as a voice would if it was carried through the clouds. Pacific UV's music is simple in structure, an easy listen because it takes the individual to the dream location of choice; a floating beach island in the sky, a glass house in the center of Spain, the space between different dimensions. Many ambient drones mixed with electronic sounds and breathy vocals whispering secrets, it is a guarentee that your eardrums will be soothed by Pacific UV, a perfect way to end the day...


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Sometimes it takes the certain atmosphere for something to sink in, to let it show its massive value and effect. Ghost Bees, two lovely sisters from Canada, have begun to grow on me. The story began on Hallowe'en evening, even though it must be said that this holiday is not so much celebrated in Europe (we have All Souls' Day, which is a remembrance of the ones who passed away). But that 31 October, the air was certainly more chilly from the norm, and I felt unsettled in the surroundings, as if all old legends and spirits from the past shook off the dust and haunted us for the evening. As my friend and I travelled outside of Wrocław in the old (but well equipped) Trabant, we went past concrete towerblocks, slowly moving trams, and little old ladies walking to their homes, while the modern stereo played Tasseomancy album by Ghost Bees. Right there and then in that creepy setting, I fell in love with the music and knew that it would become one of November's top listen to artists.
Ghost Bees’ are twin sisters Romy and Sari Lightman, and Amber Phelps Bonderoff. Over antique mandolin, guitar, and violist accompaniment, Ghost Bees’ weave delicate harmonies, dispensing dramatic tales and sorrowful lament like a two headed balladeer. Out with a beautiful EP, Tasseomancy (which suitably is a divination method of telling future in tea leaves), Ghost Bees' have been doing an extensive tour throughout North America, through songs sharing their tales of mesmerising fantasy and nostalgia, resurrecting the experience of their birth in Sinai and the terror of the Pol Pot Regime. Tasseomancy is a collection of songs imparting tales of past empires and great great ancestry; fabled figures and forgotten woe, with vocals appendage together like bones. Ghost Bees' are definitely impressive; every note they play and every vocal warble syncs perfectly with the lyrics and feel of the record. The result in breathtaking, challenging but nonetheless an easy listen that you will continue to return to.

Tear Tassle Ogre Heart
Vampire Of The West Coast

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Kría Brekkan (Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir) strike me as the type of girl I can relate to; shy and dreamy, but always around to observe and be very in touch with whatever the surrounding is. When you look at the character of an artist, it is very often that you find little definitions of their soul in the work. Kría Brekkan has shown us her personality as painfully innocent, shy and free of spirit, but yet it is powerful enough to smash cement. Iceland has this certain charm for producing musical sensations, and Kría Brekkan is one of the most treasured gifts.
If you have been following bands like Animal Collective, múm, and Slowblow, you'll know that Kría has been a part of each in some point. Over the course of subsequent releases, Kría's confidence in her voice has certainly continued to grow and become the central focus of the music, without losing any of the emotional, crystal finish. Now, all alone in a one-member musical project, Kría Brekkan has produced a beautiful EP, Wildering, just over nine minutes long. It is not a far cry from múm; we are still at home listening to sensual electronic loops, vocals hidden behind a veil of distortion, fluttering tweets and twinkles in the background. The album is over as soon as it has begun, but the overall affect is one not to be forgotten; slightly unsettling, like a beautiful haunting or the coo of owls in the night. Hear it for yourself...since the EP is only three tracks long, I will post two from the EP and one from the Avey Tare & Kría Brekkan project. Enjoy!

Gömul Vísa Um Vorið
Sis Around The Sándmill

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