Kría Brekkan (Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir) strike me as the type of girl I can relate to; shy and dreamy, but always around to observe and be very in touch with whatever the surrounding is. When you look at the character of an artist, it is very often that you find little definitions of their soul in the work. Kría Brekkan has shown us her personality as painfully innocent, shy and free of spirit, but yet it is powerful enough to smash cement. Iceland has this certain charm for producing musical sensations, and Kría Brekkan is one of the most treasured gifts.
If you have been following bands like Animal Collective, múm, and Slowblow, you'll know that Kría has been a part of each in some point. Over the course of subsequent releases, Kría's confidence in her voice has certainly continued to grow and become the central focus of the music, without losing any of the emotional, crystal finish. Now, all alone in a one-member musical project, Kría Brekkan has produced a beautiful EP, Wildering, just over nine minutes long. It is not a far cry from múm; we are still at home listening to sensual electronic loops, vocals hidden behind a veil of distortion, fluttering tweets and twinkles in the background. The album is over as soon as it has begun, but the overall affect is one not to be forgotten; slightly unsettling, like a beautiful haunting or the coo of owls in the night. Hear it for yourself...since the EP is only three tracks long, I will post two from the EP and one from the Avey Tare & Kría Brekkan project. Enjoy!

Gömul Vísa Um Vorið
Sis Around The Sándmill

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