Sometimes it takes the certain atmosphere for something to sink in, to let it show its massive value and effect. Ghost Bees, two lovely sisters from Canada, have begun to grow on me. The story began on Hallowe'en evening, even though it must be said that this holiday is not so much celebrated in Europe (we have All Souls' Day, which is a remembrance of the ones who passed away). But that 31 October, the air was certainly more chilly from the norm, and I felt unsettled in the surroundings, as if all old legends and spirits from the past shook off the dust and haunted us for the evening. As my friend and I travelled outside of Wrocław in the old (but well equipped) Trabant, we went past concrete towerblocks, slowly moving trams, and little old ladies walking to their homes, while the modern stereo played Tasseomancy album by Ghost Bees. Right there and then in that creepy setting, I fell in love with the music and knew that it would become one of November's top listen to artists.
Ghost Bees’ are twin sisters Romy and Sari Lightman, and Amber Phelps Bonderoff. Over antique mandolin, guitar, and violist accompaniment, Ghost Bees’ weave delicate harmonies, dispensing dramatic tales and sorrowful lament like a two headed balladeer. Out with a beautiful EP, Tasseomancy (which suitably is a divination method of telling future in tea leaves), Ghost Bees' have been doing an extensive tour throughout North America, through songs sharing their tales of mesmerising fantasy and nostalgia, resurrecting the experience of their birth in Sinai and the terror of the Pol Pot Regime. Tasseomancy is a collection of songs imparting tales of past empires and great great ancestry; fabled figures and forgotten woe, with vocals appendage together like bones. Ghost Bees' are definitely impressive; every note they play and every vocal warble syncs perfectly with the lyrics and feel of the record. The result in breathtaking, challenging but nonetheless an easy listen that you will continue to return to.

Tear Tassle Ogre Heart
Vampire Of The West Coast

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