School Of Seven Bells is a new band compromised of Benjamin Curtis (Secret Machines) and twin sisters Alejandra and Claudia Deheza (On! Air! Library!). Perhaps this is why their music is so harmonious and melodically well done; a strong friendship within the group, as well two girls sharing close biological bond. Formed in 2007, School Of Seven Bells have been generating much talk about their very recently released debut, Alpinisms. The reason behind this is quite clear. Already we are captured by the band's curious name (taken after the legendary South American crime college) and by the crafty album cover (a burst of colourful rays from between mountains). On receiving this album, I couldn't wait to listen but it was worth to wait...first run through I was intrigued, second time I was already absorbed by the music, and third listen left me completely in love! It must be said that this album would be the best approach to shoegaze style music I have heard in quite some long time; School Of Seven Bells are certainly set apart from the less imaginative latter-day shoegazers. Borrowing from many different styles of varying origins, School Of Seven Bells' music sparkles and shines, wearing its range of influence quite well. Appalachian melodies and folk tradition are blended with chilly electronic textures on 'Iamundernodisguise' and 'Connjur' was clearly inspired with pristine 60s style harmonies. The whole album is filled with psychedelic bass, cosmic rhythms, silky vocals and sweeping arrangements. This is ethereal pop at its finest.

Face To Face On High Places
Half Asleep

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