Soy Un Caballo (meaning, 'I am a horse' in Spanish) is a beautiful Belgian couple, but unfortunately they are not fair to themselves. They are from the land of chocolate, but sound lighter than air, like softspun candyfloss. They claim to be horses, but this is a plain understatement; they are much more than a just a horse, but rather a rainbow-coloured, winged unicorn. This duo, neither Spanish or French (like the name of their album, Les Hueres De Raison would suggest), Aurélie Muller and Thomas Van Cottom have created something enlightening; bossanova for faeries, lullabies for nymphs.
Aurélie and Thomas have lived to together for nine years, during two years they have created Soy Un Caballo. Their debut album was created in their home, each song named after a room. Each song is its own, working by a seperate law, just like countries. This duos tunes are seemingly simple, but you'll be glad to know there isn't a single wasted note or melody. Everything is created with much precision and attention to details, leaving the finished product honeycoated and sweet, yet never sickly enough to turn your stomach. The harmonies are smooth and content, the collection of sounds (vibraphones, Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzers) is absolutely enchanting. Soy Un Caballo are as sophisticated as a Parisian boulevard, as diffident as exhaled Gauloise smoke, as cool as Jean-Pul Satre, and as romantic as the Left Bank. It's difficult to describe this music, and what a wonder it is to the ears...uplifting, calming, refreshing. You'll have to hear these happy sounds and voices for yourself!

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