From my mother's side of the family, there is a genetic passed on that gives me some naturalistic talent in feeling connected with the Earth and its many forms of nature. In fact, a few years ago when I listened to Mi & L'au with my auntie (who is a healer) for the first time, we both established that this music can only be the product of inspiration by nature. So it only came as half a surprise when after some research I found this beautiful duo writes and records all their music in a small cabin deep in the heart of the Finnish forests. The story goes that Mira Romantschuk, who is Finnish, was working as part-time model in Paris, and Laurent Leclère, who is French, was working in the music industry. Eventually the two met, and fell into deep love. Unsuccessfully not being able to find a home in Paris, they eventually moved to the heart of the Finnish forests, so they could be alone together in peace and to spend their time discovering each other and their music.
To describe the sound...well, there just is not enough pretty words! This is very visual music, painted in your mind. A thin creek running through the dark thicket of a forest at night, a cosy wooden cabin lit by golden lights, porcelain hands covered in wool mittens. With so many pictures conjured, it is difficult to believe the music is so sparse and elegant; Mi's soft voice accompany the instruments and guitar strings of L'au, creating the space that one might imagine in a winter Finnish landscape. The songs are like clocks, picking and ticking with the tenderness that is often underestimated today. Candles flicker, merry-go-rounds spin in dizzying motion, feathers brush against skin, and we are left hypnotised, in awe of the magic cast by Mi & L'au.

Merry Go Round
They Marry

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