Pacific UV make this impression on me as foreign beings travelled from the cosmos, who finally came to rest on Earth, probably under the water of the sea. But as far as my imagination takes me, the facts say that in fact Pacific UV are a band formed in Athens, Georgia in 1998. Now residing in Portland, Oregon, the band have established their signature sound; loveable and drenched with the peaceful emotion that's seemingly difficult to come by in this busy world. The wonderful thing about this sort of shoegaze/dream pop inspired music is that the movement is so soft and flowing, like a paper boat drifting across a lake. There are no jumps or bumps, just billowing instrumentation and vocals sung at a low register, sounding as a voice would if it was carried through the clouds. Pacific UV's music is simple in structure, an easy listen because it takes the individual to the dream location of choice; a floating beach island in the sky, a glass house in the center of Spain, the space between different dimensions. Many ambient drones mixed with electronic sounds and breathy vocals whispering secrets, it is a guarentee that your eardrums will be soothed by Pacific UV, a perfect way to end the day...


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